16 Nov


WordPress has become the go to program for many. Whether it is for building websites or for making blogs, WordPress has become a favorite program for many round the world. And the features which are provided by WordPress are indeed commendable. In fact WordPress is beyond just commendable considering it is the owner of more than 50% of the CMS market share and that is no mean feat. Honestly you cannot think of developing a website or write a blog without WordPress. But the question still remains that is WordPress devoid of flaws? Sadly, the answer is no. Every application, every site simply any program comes with its ups and downs. WordPress is no different. It is better to be wary of the difficulties you may face when you use WordPress.

Some of the disadvantages which you must beware of while using WordPress are cited as follows; read more

16 Nov


The reason for putting hard work into building a website is to make people view it. But if the content is not compatible with search engines then how can you expect your website to be right on top of the search engine list. Furthermore, remember you are not the only website online. The biggies such as Google, Yahoo, OperaMini or Bing, will not bother to promote your website if your WordPress site is not properly optimized. So what do you need to do to ensure viewing traffic makes way into your WordPress site and your website comes on to the search page immediately?

First of all, you need to make certain that your WordPress site is SEO rich. Keywords should be put in a manner so that when any person types the words relating to your product or service, then the search engines like Google will have your WordPress website right on top of the pack. Remember keywords are for search engines and the core content is for your viewers. You need find the right balance between the two. WordPress even has a plug-ins for SEO and by adding this to your WordPress site you can understand how SEO is required for optimization of your site.

Now content maybe the key to your WordPress website online sustenance, but how do you optimize it further? Simple things like Image names which most people would think of typing or using short permalinks, exchanging backlinks or even creating sitemaps can help you optimize your WordPress website, but honestly is that enough?

Although being SEO rich is important and can be called a crucial link from being a dormant website to a happening one, you cannot have it totally running on SEO.

Every website requires a USP or the Unique Selling Product. You need to understand what your website is for and incorporate description with fine detailing in order to get the attention of your viewers.
Like a good book, titles and sub-titles play a crucial part in ensuring traffic on to your WordPress site. For this you can use the settings relating to permalinks which is located in dashboard. This will help you set up your WordPress website in the optimal way.

Sometimes while programming, Flash Players and PDF formats play an integral part of your website. But since these require a different format, they tend to run into errors quite easily. It is preferable to have your content made in the HTML form for easier access.

You can add Ping services to your WordPress website. But do not go overboard with them, as you can run the risk of being treated as Spam.

Broken links should be avoided at all costs. Make sure you check all links which are a part of your WordPress site or blog. With broken links, you run the risk of running into errors.

Customize and categorize your WordPress website. Not only does that give shape to your website but it also gives form to the viewers.

Optimizing your WordPress website is the way to ensure your online survival.

16 Nov


Just like every rose has its thorns, ever design has its limitations. Now a web design is like a map which helps the users navigate around the website, making them understand the workings of the site. A web designer tends to design a website with the intention of making the product, service or blog easily available to the general mass. It is all about efficiency. Hence when designing for a client, a designer is usually asked to go crazy but there are certain limitations to go crazy. Like how can you go crazy within the parameters of your computer screen!

When designing a website, the key elements include the font, color, size, images and the proper coding to enable it to be seen and viewed from different devices and screens. Previously it was all about designing within the given grid lines. Although it still is, but to go a little crazy you need to go a little beyond the lines. Yet through those split colors, you need to refine and redefine the scheme and theme of the website. Limits are between the screen-space of your computer. Whether the logo should be within 20% at the back of the screen or whether it should be like watermark appearing right in the middle is your creative discretion, which you need to represent to the client for whom you are designing and creating for.

When designing a website, you can then easily imagine 5 to 6 different templates which you can use. But can you imagine at least another 15 more? It is important to test your own limitations which will help you get the best design for the website you are designing. Because the first and main limitation which you will face while designing is self- doubt. Hence you need to question each and every stroke you make while designing.

One easy trick which all designers do is use the pencil layout to get a fair idea of what the website should look like. Once you have done that you need to figure out which colors you want to use, what would be the template you would base your design on. Do not limit yourself with that one layout. It is all about imagining the website in different ways.

While designing you must understand that the last word is that of your client and that is the biggest limitation which you can have. Although the client will give you full liberty to experiment. You should however, get inside the psyche of the client. The design should represent your creativity and your talent although it should also have the client’s intention of what they want from their website.

Hence you need to come up different templates before actually creating the main design. That way you understand what the client wants while keeping your creative juices all intact. A bad design can do great harm to your talent, but keeping yourself buoyant with the client’s desire can take a simple idea to great heights and keep your reputation as a web designer intact.

16 Nov


WordPress has become the backbone of most websites online. What is important while creating your WordPress website, is to take care of not only the content, image but also the unique customized options which you provide your users. Unless there is something special, something which touches a cord with those using your site, it will just be another WordPress website.

Since WordPress has become quite common it is important to add that special something to take your WordPress to the next level. You need something to make it unique. It requires you to catch the eyes of your users. What you need is customized post types. These are essential in making your website look professional and flexible. What’s more is that custom post types help you to include any sort of data be it in the form of a song, picture, article, or any other form of data. This helps create an interactive channel between you and your user.

When creating a website, custom post types need to be incorporated while forming the database otherwise it would clash with the installation of your WordPress website. Now usually custom post types require separate menus and edits, but all these need to be merged with the very base of your website. By doing so, you turn your WordPress website into a complete CMS. By adding the simple code of register_post_type() you can take your WordPress to the next level.

By using the function.php you can customize your webpage as accordingly. Once the function.php is included into the main code, it will be able to adjust into the basics of your website. The initial code is get the custom post hooked into the website and thereafter would be placed on the dashboard.

Thereafter you need the code to include the various labels that would be associated with the said custom post. It is all about including the right plug-ins to create the right theme associated with custom post, making it look much more impressive in comparison to other WordPress websites.

The labels must be put in a variable form so that there can be options for the users of your WordPress website. The various labels include the title box, the editor, comment box, thumbnails and an array of other options relating to the content of your site. You need to take care of the position of where you want your menu. Other labels include the media options, post boxes, link boxes, page separators, settings page and the tool options among others. You must take of the icons which you wish to use on your WordPress page. You would also like to include the query box for any kind of questions your users may have.

Once you have figured out which code to apply to your WordPress page all you need to do is click onto the “Add New” button and successfully create the custom post type that you wanted for your WordPress website.
Thus such post types will lend a unique perspective to your WordPress website.

16 Nov


Once you have decided to create a website. You need to take care of it protection and its accessibility. For its security you have various programs available to help you protect and secure your website. But how do you make your WordPress website accessible and available. It is then when you have to rely on web hosts. But how can you tell between a good and bad web host considering that the fact that there so many different web host companies looking to get hold of your website?
Whenever you are looking to invest you must always do your groundwork.

When you are looking for the perfect web hosting company for launching your website, there are certain points which should be taken into consideration.

When a web host company is offering a free year trial launch of your websites with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, it is then you must understand that nothing in this world comes for free. The initial plan of such web hosting companies is to lure the customer with lucrative offers and then subject them with heavy bills after one year has passed. These bills consist of all the hidden costs which are not divulged to you at the time of the offer as they are modified in a manner where you are not able to question the service as provided by web Host Company.

The cost of bandwidth and disk space can never come for free as they are the main elements for running your website and are quite costly. The terms unlimited and free are the two key words you need to avoid. And that is the key in understanding whether the web host company is genuine or not. But not always can to tell a good web host from a bad host simply based on this. The next feature which you need to know is that there is no such thing as a complete hundred percent uptime. A good web host company can give you up to 99 % of uptime but a total of 100% is neither possible nor can exist.

The only thing free that a web host company can give is probably a trial period of free uptime. But nothing else can ever be free and are pure fiction when offered. Another important point you need to take note of is the support system. A web host company without any support system simply sounds like trouble. It is important to go for a web host company which does provide such a system. Equally never go for a web host which does not provide you with a secured line. If you use a web host company which tends to host other websites with shoddy reputation, your website may end up being affected by these substandard sites.

A good web host company will give you a host options which are suitable to your budget. You must invest according to your requirement. Look into track reports and reviews. Invest carefully.

16 Nov


Building and launching a website is in itself a big achievement. But how do you figure the efficiency of your website. At the end of the day you want to ensure that your website works. You want the right kind of traffic flowing in and want to ensure the promotion of the website. These are at the top of the priority list. Otherwise all that money invested would be for nothing.

When you are developing a website, you do not simply base everything on just content which is indeed the most critical and integral part of your website, you also need to see whether your website is rich in the right amount of SEOs for it to be on top of pack. You also need to ensure that your website has the right features to make it sustain in the online market. It should be easily navigable and the browsing experience should be smooth for the viewer.
At the end of the day you want your website to work and it does not take a miracle to make it work. All you need is to know the tricks to get your website in the right zone. So how do you know that your website is efficient and is ready to take its place online?

The first and foremost requirement to base the efficiency of your website is on the various metrics.

Like checking on the input and output metrics where you can gauge the inflow of the number of users and actual value of your website. By these metrics you can figure out the kind of influx of traffic and the attraction your website is generating, thus you can get a rough idea of how it will actually do when it goes online. Better the features, better the recommendations and thus bettering your traffic inflow.

Another way to assess your website is by using metrics deducing the effectiveness of your website in otherwise the efficiency metric. This can be ascertained by the simple click of the mouse method which enables you to understand the number of times your website has actually been viewed. Your website will only be viewed if the features present fulfill the demands of the viewer.

The next metric which you need to keep in mind is the topline metric. This is beneficial in determining the size and relativity of a feature. Your entire growth depends on the topline metric as it shows the actual value of your website. That is why the growth rate of a website is considered to be directly proportionate to the topline metric.

Every view is variable. Hence mathematically speaking, you need to keep in the mind the “x” variable and its percentage. Each feature is based on the percentage of the “x” variable, which is again directly proportionate to the growth rate. This can only ascertained after your website goes online.

Like any business, your website’s success will depend on its launch. You can only be aware of the features and better them along the way to ensure its longevity.

16 Nov


When developing a website you would like to use a program which helps you build the site without any hassles. WordPress uses very little coding or none at all, making it a user friendly program for upcoming web builders. With WordPress being the basis of most websites which are developed these days, it is vital for you to check the compatibility of your WordPress Website. As we all know that the accessibility of the internet has become widespread. With every third person, buying a smartphone or a tablet, you need to make your WordPress website compatible with all electronic devices which are used access the net. The things which really become a bother when accessing websites from a smaller browser are mainly the themes. What happens is that the entire site becomes compressed onto the smaller screen and certain plug-ins does not work. The themes too become distorted on a smaller device, thus leading your viewership to decrease. Hence it is vital to choose for themes or plug-ins which is responsive to different types of devices and browsers.

Now the latest trend show that most online users prefer to access the net through a mobile or tablet. So you need incorporate certain things to ensure your WordPress website to be more adaptable to different devices. WordPress thankfully has a browser detector which is incorporated within the basic system. The php.global server is able to gather information about the Boolean variables which are used in different browsers. Now by using the global server you can control the browser for detecting whether it is being used on a desktop or a mobile.

You can also choose a responsive theme structure to help you navigate your website in different browser. By using a responsive framework you can deal with the menu toolbar at various stages.
Another difficulty which most users face is that they cannot go back to the original window after opening another window or because of an advertising site which is linked to your WordPress site. This is because of the jQuery plugin. You would prefer to disable the jQuery function in order for your site to work on smaller devices.

Sometimes sidebars on websites can be a hindrance when a site is accessed from a phone. The response time for the site to upload is much more. That leads to lesser traffic incoming through mobile devices. It would be advisable to hide your website’s sidebar and not simply hiding it. What you thought was hidden can pop-up in the middle of nowhere.

When you are dealing with several browsers and devices, you cannot ensure full compatibility with all of them. But by doing your level best to ensure compatibility with most of these devices is what you need to aim for. You have to constantly keep yourself updated about the latest browsers and devices which were coming into the market. Keep yourself updated and keep your WordPress website upgraded in accordance with the current market trends.

16 Nov


With the help of various features, a website is created. Content and images form the basis of each website. But the content needs to be presented in the right manner so as to attract the viewers into navigating your blog or site. Here font plays a key role in your content presentation. The kind of font and the style that you use in your font is vital to the overall look
and appearance of your website.

With the rise of the usage of CSS3 and the HTML5 combined with the uniqueness of the JavaScript and jQuery, fonts have taken a step forward in revolutionizing the way a website looks and feels. Thanks to Google, the concept of using one particular or a limited number of fonts has been totally thrown out and has been replaced with an option of using over a hundred different types of fonts and styles.

Due to the increasing demand for innovative looking websites, web typography has grown in leaps and bounds. Selecting the right kind of font has thus become crucial in designing a website.

Not only do you have to take of the design of the font but also ensure its compatibility to different devices. The OpenType font is not supported by mobile device instead the SVG format is what tablets and iPads support.

The OpenType font is mostly commonly used by online companies as they are the most supported type of font on the different set of browsers. The other types include SVG, Embedded Open Type font, WOFF and others. But how do you generate these multiple types of fonts?

Programs such as the Font Squirrel, Google Font API, TypeKit and Cufon can be used and referred to for the purpose of multiple fonts.

Take for example Google Font API program, you can get free access both for commercial and non-commercial causes and you even get to customize the available fonts as per your requirement. The number of fonts available is outrageous. Over 600 types are there for you to pick and choose and you can alter the way in which the fonts look. The switch between different words, paragraphs, sentences, basically any written content can be done easily. The only complication which this program has is that despite having such an outstanding number of fonts, there are only 4 sections and 8 scripts for you to choose from.

In this aspect the Font Squirrel has a lot more classifications. With 18 classes and an equal number of tags, it is a lot easier to place your font. And with the Font Squirrel you need not download any kit as the program provides for multiple types of fonts.

You can even use Cufon which gives you the benefit of replacing different fonts with the help of a rendering engine and font creator. Since the browser compatibility is quite high, you can use this program on various browsers.
Although you can never solve the problem with compatibility, it is always safer to use fonts based either in HTML or CSS classes.

16 Nov


WordPress has become the go to program when you decide to develop a website or make a blog. WordPress is a tried and tested program and is the backbone many websites which are renowned online and have made a tremendous mark on the World Wide Web. And to just name a few of these websites, you yourself, would be quite surprised to know that they are all run by WordPress.

Now, who has not heard about Harvey Nichols? This famous luxurious fashion getaway has based its website using WordPress. And what a site it is! The brand had employed an agency to make a site worthy of its commercial worth. Today, we are seeing the beauty of using WordPress while developing your website.

Another online name you should be familiar with is “This is Your kingdom”. WordPress actually considers this one of their crowning online jewels. This site has brought substantial information about one’s locale in a unique manner, allowing visitors to easily navigate through the portal in order to find their chosen activity in and around their surroundings. The site started off with humble hopes and expectations and has now exceeded beyond the creators own imagination. The site has become more intense and the structure is changed in accordance with the feedback. Being built on WordPress has given the site creators a lot more flexibility to incorporate loads of features to enable more visitors to easily get what they are looking for.

Poster Roast is another online jewel of the WordPress clan. Being a platform for artists around the United Kingdom, has brought this WordPress website to colorful life. Artists can not only exhibit and launch their latest works but the interactive sessions enable them to improve upon their work, understand the sale ability and also learn from other artists in respect of technique, color combinations and also contacts. The uniqueness of the site is the plugin which has been made to incorporate flexibility which is required for sites showcasing art. It also has short codes and widgets with the help of which the site is easily categorized and catalogued according to the viewers’ choice.

Circa which is another famous name not only online but also in the word of culinary delights. A restaurant such as Circa, reads and reeks of chic elegance. The developers of the Circa website have understood just that and has aptly brought out the flavor of Circa by using WordPress in the website. The complex designs used in the site showcase how well one can incorporate WordPress to achieve commercial success without having to compromise on detail.

The website designed for the noted music and audio productionhouse Guy/Gyngell shows us how versatile WordPress truly is. The most attractive feature of the site is that bloggers can log in as soon as there is a music launch.

Other sites which are quite noted and all use WordPress include Tornobambino, Girl with the Camera, Captain Creative, Travel Portland, Worry Free Labs are only to name a few of the thousand websites using WordPress.

16 Nov


The look of a website depends on a lot of factors. Starting right from the content to images, font sizes and pixel graphics, each and every component plays an integral role in the development of a website. CSS or Cascading style sheet tools are of the basic programs used for styling and making over a website. CSS tools are no more merely the base of a website, dealing with layouts and formatting content. CSS Tools bring a website to life. The best way to present CSS Tools is by using HTML. CSS tools have revolutionized the basic foundation of website developing. The conventional CSS tools include FireBug and the Web Developer extension but the lesser known and unique CCS tools which take your website to a class apart include the following names.

First up we have the tools relating to the Typograghy. This is of course related to the way the written content is being displayed and you have various tools to give you the edge that your WordPress Website requires.

The CSS Tools in respect of Typography includes the Typeset, Fonttester, Typetester, Font style. Color Replacement tools and the Typogridphy CSS tools. Among these tools, take for example the Typetester. This tool, permits you to take three very different fonts onto a sole screen side by side, thus helping you choose the best font for your website without having to check each of the fonts from their individual settings.

Next you have the cool CSS layout tools. The very base of each website is the layout. The Layout tools include the Layout Generator, the CSS layout generator, design by grid system and the grid system generator.
Te difference between the Layout Generator and the CSS layout generator lies in the fluidity of the latter. You can lay columns adjust the header and footer along with the specific pixels in which you wish to see your content.
With the help of the Design by Grid tool you can create a PNG image by setting up the gutter width and column together with the number of units which can be used in your background.

Another set if crucial CSS tools are the CSS frameworks tools. These include the Unobtrusive CSS, YAML builder, Blueprint CSS, CSS framework, Bluetrip among others.

Like the layout, the next step of designing a website is the framework on which the entire written and image content will sit.

Just like the blueprint of a building the Blueprint CSS gives your website the foundation for your website. With the user-friendly grid system to the amazing set of plug-ins and typography, this tool is your first step of seeing the realistic picture of your website.

The CSS framework tools have made it easier to style a webpage considering the numerous frameworks available.
Next up are the CSS color tools which include the CSS colors, color scheme designer, crockford, the colors conversion and also the somacon color chart. Other CSS tools include the Developer, WordOff, Drawter, CSS Compressor, CSS grid tools, CSS sprite tools amongst others.