16 Nov


Marketing your business is important. Without proper marketing there is no possibility of your product to be made known to others. Similarly, websites need to be promoted and properly endorsed. Like the real world ecosystem where each organism is dependent and co-dependent on another organism, you need to create an online ecosystem where your website requires being co-dependent on other websites to help your website’s endorsement and advertising. Without a proper marketing structure, your WordPress website will get lost in the pack and eventually be redundant. To make and construct such an ecosystem you need to rely on social networking sites. You need to depend on mainly social networking sites you ensure your online sustenance.

In the last few years, marketing of products and to add to their worth, blogs, status updates; tweets have become quite integral to marketing your product, service present on your website. You cannot isolate your website. Your website needs to be part of an integral group of social networking sites in order for you keep your website up and going on the online market. It has been seen that over 80% of the promotion of your website actually depends on how you do on social networks. Lesser your audience you have, lesser the traffic onto your website. But it is not just about keeping your website linked to the necessary social websites you must understand these social sites give your website a coverage essential to your business.

While you are constructing your website you need incorporate the icons of the social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and others in the right place, preferably either in top corner or bottom corner, so that they do not come across as jarring on your website. You can also add blog content for your customers to give their feedback on your service and product.

It would be ideal to place a like and share buttons onto your website or blog. If you have a guest registration option, it would be preferable to enable your visitors to login with their social networking usernames rather than creating a new username and password. This will enhance not only the security of your website but also of your users. Furthermore, the spam content is also substantially reduced.

You can also add a comment box both on the website and also on the social network sites you have linked your blog or website with. This helps you contact your customers directly and also get feedback from them. Also create an activity feed which would help you describe the actions of those visiting your blog or website. This gives you a better idea of the overall response that your blog or website is generating.

E-commerce has its basic principles based on the long standing economic policies down the ages. The difference between the two methodologies is only the platform. E-commerce is far more broader and wider as you are able to launch your business globally and with the right marketing, your business can generate revenue quicker once the word gets out!

16 Nov


Once you have launched your website and taken care of all the nooks and crannies to ensure its sustenance, you now need to know “What is the status of your website?”

You need to follow and keep track of your website’s popularity and reputation. It is not as easy as it sounds. Getting to know how well your website is doing and how are your online customers are enjoying the website, is quite difficult as you have no direct access and contact with the clients. Nor can you judge whether they shall be promoting your website by word of mouth. So in this case, your popularity can be best adjudged by social network sites. In fact, social media has proven to be quite a business booster. This is where people voice out their views and talk about the experience they had with your site. Better the reviews, more the amount of traffic will definitely come onto your website.

Another way to track your influence is by blogging. This is the latest trend setter which helps people understand your site in a better way. Thus blogs relating to your product goes a long way in increasing your online popularity.

Now once you have understood where you fit in the pack, you notice your website becoming a part of the online mainstream, there are programs and sites which aide you track your online impact.

One of these programs is the Google Analytics. This gives you a total perspective of your website’s overall performance. There are indicators in the site to know your popularity. You are able to read into the kind of reactions people have after they visit your site and a rough idea of how your viewers feel about the website. This program actually assists in understanding the feedback of the way your viewers have when they visit your site. The more a person lingers on to a site it goes to show that your website is providing the viewer with what they want. And if they are navigating it then what better sign to show your popularity.

You must also get Klout. This tool checks on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others amongst others. These social sites are vital for your online success. With the help of the Klout tool you can actually rate your influence online on an average scale ranging from one to hundred. Klout also has its own method for scoring your website to get its true worth and value.

Sumall is another tool which helps you to analyze your website’s influence. Sumall is more like a standard tool which can help you understand your website’s value.

Another cool tool to use is Cyfe. Cyfe monitors your search engine value. It gives you an inside on how search rich your website is. Cfye actually helps you understand how SEO rich your website is.

The above tools help you understand your website’s influence online in a better manner. And once you do understand that you must work on your website’s flaws to ensure its online sustenance.

16 Nov


What would happen if you switched yourself off totally online for say maybe a week? You would find a whole new set of design ideas which could take you months to figure out. So you cannot lose even a moment when you have entered the world of designing. This is an industry which does not sleep. New codes are being developed overnight. With Saas and Node.js coming in the picture, new projects are cropping up by the second. Right now as you are reading this article you will find a totally new concept has been formulated and launched.

And by wasting a single moment you lose a large chunk of valuable knowledge by not keeping yourself updated and upraised of the latest technology being developed. And because it is not possible for you to simply catch up from the middle of a project. You need take time off and gulp in information all in one go. You can say it is almost like eating off a whole elephant so that you are back on track and getting your game on.

Now with CSS tools and HTML, you can indeed develop an entire webpage, but is that enough considering the fact that new codes are being formed. Saas, Bootstrap or Ruby or even the Node.js are just a few names which have come up in the recent days and have already redefined the way we see designs. Simply by reading the codes will not do. You have gulp in the installation codes and figure out the loading terminal.

Then you need to figure out the variables, nesting codes, import files, partials, the mixins and still you find yourself incomplete as there is just so much to take in at one go. You need to work out a system to intake the basic workings of each newly developed code.

What you need is to figure is a system almost like a bucket list. It is all about setting your time, limits and meeting deadlines. That helps you to reach the target you are seeking. Now that you have your method all sorted out all you need to do now is attack it. You will initially have the will to learn all that you have missed and then all of a sudden your mind will wander into doing other things and distracting from the goal you had set for yourself. What you need to realize is that the task at hand is mammoth one. Hence you need to go about it slowly and steadily to take it down. Give yourself momentary breaks but with an alarm which tells you that you need to go back to work. This is an achievement in the making.

Learning new codes within moments of their making requires skill and tact. And to achieve it requires patience and perseverance. Once you combine all of these together, you have learnt the latest technology required to be a great designer.

16 Nov


WordPress has become the leading foundation of present day websites and blogs. But is it enough to just to use the available features on WordPress to create a website or blog! A terrific WordPress blog or website needs to be brought to life with the right kind of inputs to help your blog or website stand out of the crowd. The basic features which WordPress provides cannot only be used to enhance the look and feel of your blog or website. It needs to be tweaked and customized in the right places to provide your WordPress blog or website with the edge to stay above the pack. What it comes down to is the knowhow of hacking. When you are creating your blog, also sit with a web developer who will help you locate these hacks.

These WodPress hacks although seem quite basic but are quite significant for your Blog to come to life.

The first hack is to customize your WordPress Page into your HomePage. Here you can rearrange the entries as made you in the manner you want it. For that you would have to login into the WP panel and select the Pages option. Then click on the Add New tab and enter a title. After that you need to enter in the content you want to display just like you would in your blog. And then simply enter the on the Publish button.

The trick is after you have done the first page the next page can be done very easily in the similar manner. Only difference is that you need to do the same after clicking on the settings tab. you need to go to the readings tab and click on static page and there you can select the page you want as your HomePage. Simply clicking on the save button you get the page you want to have displayed.

Another useful hack is to make your WordPress blog’s header much more animated and dynamic. The usual WordPress header lends a dull and dreary façade. But wouldn’t it be great to have it swivel. All you need to do is go to the header section and add following sequence: “headerimg_1.gif, headerimg_2.gif, etc, depending on the number of image you want and then all you need to do is paste the given image code into the WordPress header.php file.

Now if you are member of a multiple authored WordPress blogging site, then you would prefer to have your name and details written below. This also lends the exclusivity to your work and a little more depth of who you are with the readers. For this you need to install a simple hack into the WordPress admin where there is a provision for the users to give a little history about themselves. You need to add the hack code in the single.php file that is allocated to you. That way you get to be in the spotlight without having treading the toes of other users on the same site.

16 Nov


A website once launched requires publishing, promoting and advertising. Without these three vital methods of ensuring your website’s viewership, no traffic will be generated and thus your website will see a natural and unknown demise.

After all that hard work you do not want see your baby slip away into oblivion. That is why you need to the right plug-ins which will advertise your WordPress website and keep your website alive and breathing. No matter how much time you invest and how much effort you give you need the right WordPress Plug-ins to take your website to greater heights.

The right advertisements give you access to a global platform. The more plug-ins relating to advertising, there will be a better chance of your website being viewed. Some of the effective and crucial advertising plug-ins includes the following names.

First you have the Google XML sitemaps plug-in, which permits you to build an xml sitemap on to your website or blog just in case you do not feel doing extra coding. The best feature of this plug-in is that it aides in the SEO, making your site much more easy to access.

Next up is the Simple Ads Manager. This plug-in simply allows you to publish various advertisements and gives you the liberty to alter and change the weight of the ad, the placing the ad in the place them as according to your wish.

The next plug-in which you definitely must include the W3 Total Cache plug-in. This plug-in helps your website upload faster and the navigation on your site becomes smoother.

Now we all know the importance of SEO. So if you include SEO generating plug-ins, then that would definitely give your website an edge. You can include the SEO smart link or the all-in-one SEO Pack plug-ins. The former automatically allows you to link the keywords and phrases which relate to your site and keeps your website on top of the search engines. The latter has been developed in a manner so to provide certain SEO which even you did not know existed and helps your site run into top pages when searched with those keywords.

You can also use the plug-in made by Yoast.

One plug-in which you should of course include is the Amazon affiliate link localizer. This link ensures your website gets accessed by any of those links which are remotely associated to Amazon without having too many Amazon links jarring your site.

Another great and effective plug-in to use is the AdRotate. This helps you sell the ads which are already present on your site and generate revenue from that. Furthermore, this plug-in also gives you the power to monitor the way your ads should appear, this includes updates, automation, tracking clicks, third-party support among other features.

The most straightforward and frank WordPress plug-in you must get is the WP125. This allows you to include 125 by125 ads on to your site or blog and also aides you in choosing ads which use either a template or a widget tag.

It is all about marketing and making your website known.

16 Nov


Once you have developed a website, you need to not only ensure that it is well publicized but also ensure your website’s security. Making and creating a website is no mean task and to have someone hack their way in and take full control without your knowledge is no mere trespass, it is far worse than that. Online frauds and online attacks have become more and more common. By creating a website on an open source program such as WordPress, you are quite vulnerable to being attacked by brute force if you do not take care of the security of your website.

Most WordPress website owners usually tend to update their website but that is not sufficient neither advisable for any self-hosted WordPress website owner to do. WordPress being an open source program without having governing body to supervise and oversee any development taking place, runs the risk of being affected by bugs, spam or malware. Hence it is your duty to take care of your website’s security before you lose total control over the site. read more

16 Nov


Each day we have a website being made and launched. Each website is made with a design different from that of the other. But more than just a technical launch on the World Wide Web, each website needs to be designed to fit smart-phones, tablets and various other mobile phones. It is all about keeping up with the viewership. Hence designing is simply not about getting the right look for your website; it has become so much more than that. A lot of details must be looked into but there are three main fundamentals which must be mastered. Before we had tablets, we had supercomputers, which became sleeker models such as the laptop and palmtop. With the arrival of smaller viewing screens, the actual design of your website cannot be compromised on compressing it. read more

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