16 Nov


No matter how good your content is, if your blog does not load, then do not expect anyone to even glance through it. In the online world speed is the key to online success and sustenance. Viewers do not have the luxury of time to spend on slow loading blogs and websites. If the site or blog does not upload within at least a time-span of 4 seconds, then there is no chance of it being viewed.

So when you are building your blog using WordPress, you need to ensure that the speed of uploading on browsers whether on desktops or mobile phones should be top-notch.
So how do you ensure optimal speed?

When you are working on your WordPress blog, understand the reason behind the creation of your blog. Be focused on the content. Unless you are definite of the content you wish to upload, you may find yourself with a lot of unnecessary material which can be space consuming on your blog; thus leading the blog to take a lot more time for it to upload. You can use the Speed testing system to check your blog’s upload speed. Pingdom is another good program which gives a complete analysis of your blog’s performance.

Now when you create a blog you need other dependant sites for promotion and advertisements. But you should not go overboard with the number of co-dependent sites you have on your blog. Too many sites can be quite cumbersome to upload and thus reduces your speed.

Plug-ins is vital in the creation of your WordPress blog. But that does not mean you should go on a plug-ins overload. Too plug-ins actually increases the upload time, making your blog slower to upload. It is better to use the function_exists to help you detect whether any plug-ins that has been either disabled or removed. Avoid using plug-ins which is not applicable to your blog.

Themes can make or break the viewing of your blog. Hence it is essential that you choose a theme for your WrodPress blog that does not require too much upload speed but gives you the desired effect on your blog.
Since web hosts are an investment, it is better to invest in a good web host which gives you good bandwidth than a shared web hosting company where the speed can be quite questionable despite having invested both your time and money.

A clean code goes a long way. Ensure your code is free from bugs and is WordPress compatible. You do not want to change your code with every version change.

An excellent device known as the CDN or the Content Delivery Network is another tool which ensures optimization of your WordPress blog. CDNs like CloudFare are quite good to optimize your blog.

Compress and reduce the size of your images. Bigger the image, more the space and thus slowing the upload speed of your WordPress website.

Learn to edit. You do not want to clog your blog. By keeping it neat and clean, you actually have better upload speed and that is key to your online sustenance.