16 Nov


A website maybe your brainchild which you have developed either with the help of a web developer or have created it totally by yourself. What may seem good or perhaps a work of art to you need not be what the viewers are seeing. It is not that what you have created is not good it just sometimes means that if you had done something a little different then your website could be more alluring and attractive to the viewers. And it is always a good idea to test your website design and have it reviewed before its actual launch. Feedback, whether it is negative or positive is always good for your website.

By getting positive reviews you know what you have done right and of course, with the not-so positive feedback you know where to improve and make amends. You must always keep an open-mind about the feedback you get. Negative remarks help you better what you have.

Apart from having a feedback comment box placed in your website; you can avail of the various programs help you to review good design feedback tools which can help you decide on how to go about designing your website.

These programs include, Bounce, Concept Feedback, Criticue, Usabilla, Five Second Testing, User testing are to name a few of the available programs among other such programs, which help you review the way your website looks.
Programs such as the User Testing, allows you to perceive how your users are checking out your website. You can say that this particular program kind of enables to peep over the viewer’s shoulders and understand what your viewers are looking for in your website.

Next the Concept Feedback is a basic program which helps your target audience rate the way your website looks and feels. The factors range from the design taken as a whole, to the concept, originality, the content and the overall feel of the website.

A program which will really open your eyes is Criticue. This website allows you to communicate with a community comprising of web designers, online user experts and also other business owners who are successfully running an online business. What this program does is that to get a feedback on your own website, you must give a feedback on a website of another. It’s kind of like a give and trade type of system. But as there are like-minded people including experts, this site totally changes your perception about web designing.

Another cool website you can use to get the feedback on your website is Usabilla. This program optimizes visual reviews which helps you make changes on your website instantly. It also gathers a survey of how your website design looks. By integrating the various user friendly tests by Usabilla, you can generate the right amount of feedback to help you understand the flaws in design.

At the end of the day, feedback is just good way to know where you stand in the online market. Do not deviate too much. Learn from the feedback, that is what is important.