16 Nov


WordPress has become the program of today’s websites. Most websites and blogs are built using WordPress. But being such a popular choice for most, it runs the risk of being attacked by brute force, bugs or any other online hits. It is thus very important to guarantee your WordPress sites security. Without having the proper security for your WordPress website, your website is vulnerable to online attacks. Some attacks are unnoticeable and untraceable. The only symptoms of an online attack would be lesser traffic and sudden change in your search engine status. But not to worry for every problem there is always a solution.

There are some very easy ways to ensure your WordPress website security and safety from dangerous brute force and hack attacks.

When you are creating your WordPress website initially you have default account, which you need to change and have a username with a password totally unique to you. Now it would be advisable to change your password on a regular basis otherwise if you keep the same password for a prolonged period, you run the risk of having your website account hacked.

When you are creating a password, the tendency is to pick a password which is easy to remember. But what is easy for you is also easy for hackers to figure out. Hence your password needs to be a combination of variables of letters, numbers, special characters and usage of different cases.

When you are logging on to the website, each IP address is recorded along with the timestamps of each and every attempt made for logging in. You must keep a tab of the number of login attempts and in fact you can even use the Limit Login attempt plug-ins in your website. Another plug-in which you can use is the BruteProtect which also checks on the number of attempts made while trying to login. It registers the number of failed attempts made on your site and then by the unique design of the program, the IP address used for logging in is blocked.

You can also use authorization programs to strengthen the protection on your WordPress site.
Another thing which is common for WordPress users is that the tendency of not changing the username on display. It is advisable to change your displayed name and not have your username on the website.

In your WordPress settings you have the option to disable the guest user account. By keeping it user specific, you enhance the website’s security.

Do use security plug-ins in your WordPress site. Not only will you be protected by hack attacks but also from any bot attacks, spam and malware.

No matter what, always make sure that you upgrade your WordPress website with the latest version available. Also upgrade the security plug-ins provided by WordPress. It is also advisable to choose themes and plug-ins from what WordPress offers instead of downloading them from unknown sites.

There are no shortcuts in taking care of the security of your WordPress and always keep a backup of your website.