16 Nov


Without realizing it, many of these so-called designers chew off more than they can afford to. This has led to the rise in many issues. Most importantly it has brought about the rise in the pretentious designer. Unknowingly, designers project themselves in a manner as if they were doing a grand favor on humanity and end-up becoming pricey for something which was not even worth it.

Web designing is technical but not so technical or precise like a surgery. Hence, when web designers use titles like Chief Visionary Officer, Digital Prophet or Brand Warrior, it just comes across as over the top and of course ostentatious. There is no miracle created when designing a web-page and that is what most web designers tend to forget. You cannot sell yourself as a good web designer if you come across as showy and a tad conceited in your manner of conducting business. That is a bad way to start off in case you are just beginning with your career. You may have gained experience but it is not until you have made a mark as an entrepreneur having a team running under you, you are no guru, hero, warrior or savior. You are simply a web designer. You may have a degree with fancy names, but that does not separate you from the pack. What separates you from the pack is your work. How well you have done, depends on just that.

Now it is to avoid getting caught in the circle of being something which you are not. When you are promoting yourself as a web designer you need to choose a title which makes the client feel comfortable with. No client wants feel like they are ignorant of what web designing is all about. They want to get their website designed according to the picture they had in mind. It is for you to bring that out and deliver it with that extra edge uplifting a simple vision into a creative design making your client feel good about having chosen you. A simple title like Creative Director or Website Director can go a long way.

Now learn from other established web designers. They tend to keep it simple. Those designers which use out-of-the-box or quirky titles, they tend to showcase designs in tandem to their titles. Yet these are done tastefully and in a limited amount.

Next you must see what you are doing. Your design should be such which not what you understand but what a layman understands. Your website design is being viewed by normal people who do not understand the technicalities of a website design. So keep that in mind while designing for your client.

You need to be accessible not distant. Pretentiousness tends to put off anyone who comes across such persons. And for being a pretentious designer only alienates the client and public at large. You need to present yourself as open-minded and practical. By having a sensible style you put yourself in a better position in the world of web designing.