16 Nov


With each day, the popularity of the WordPress is increasing. And when you visit the sites based on the WordPress program you cannot help but be amazed at the design, technique and methodology used in building the sites. It is then you wonder what the secret behind these incredible websites using WordPress is. How did the web developer manage to get it all on the website?

What you did not know is that behind these WordPress websites lie in the simple trick of using certain WordPress Hacks which make “the difference in the website”. If you belong to the group of non-technical minds, it is best to get on board with a web developer who will help you design and develop your WordPress website using these useful WordPress Hacks to enlighten, brighten and jazz up your WordPress website with that necessary “wow factor”.

So what are these incredibly useful WordPress Hacks?
First up you have a shortcode enabled in the widgets. Now the widgets give the WordPress website a look which gives you an edge over other WordPress site. Basically Widgets help enhance your websites features, appearance and of course the finishing touches. With the help of a shortcode you can filter your widgets, giving you the look you desire for your website.

Now what do you think would happen if you had a post on your website which is full of mistakes and is on display? You would freak out. Because what you see online, a hundred and thousand who access your site will see it too. So what you can do is delay the publishing of your posts onto the RSS feed. Because once it reached the RSS, there is nothing you can do about it. So if you had the option of delaying your post from reaching the feed it is then you can take care of any minor mistake which may have cropped in. For this to work you need add a code in the functions.php file located at the backend of your WordPress website.

If you had the option of moving your navigation bar, say to the center of the website just below your product emblem, then wouldn’t your site look better or make your navigation toolbar more visible then all you need to do is use another shortcode to help you position out your toolbar.
Spam is something you do not want in your website. Usually HTML when used in making comments leads to the inclusion of spam. You can use a block formula in your functions.php and get rid of HTML in your comment box in order to remove spam.

Copyrighting is crucial to your website giving it the authenticity that is required in WordPress site. But without current updates on the copyright date, your information that is available on your site will cease to be authentic. You again can add another formula block in your functions.php pertaining to your copyright.
You can avail of the WordPress Hacks from the WordPress site itself while you are developing.