16 Nov


After you have initiated the launch of your website, it needs to be promoted. You cannot just add advertising media but you need to add social media applications. The entire marketing scenario has changed after the surge of social media sites. Social media sites have become a part and parcel of people’s lives. Survey shows that throughout the day, people tend to log into their social accounts at least 3 times a day and spend around about 3-4 hours daily. And it is during that time, they tend to browse around. And if you are set with the right social media sites, your website gets automatic publicity. Now you must get the Six Biggies to ensure your website’s popularity. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are three major sites you need and the other three include Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. To survive online you need to join the social jungle.

You must remember one fundamental reason which is needed to understand the reason why it is important to include these social networks within your website. Social sites exchange reviews between its users. So if there is a program or a site whose is giving good products or whose services are indeed worth giving a try, these will be discussed between users. Thus bringing us to the four reasons why social media sites are important. First social media brings resourcefulness. If anyone wants to know how a particular company is, which product should be purchased from which site, social media sites provides for such information. Next it is all about connecting. A relationship between you and your users is important. That brings trust and customer loyalty. Each time you show your product or service’s worth, your customers will come back again and again and even recommend you. And such a relation will generate the traffic which will be useful for search engine recommendations and thus leading to the increase of sales in your business. This is the cycle in which you want to fall into.

So when you are designing your website with your web designer, you must include social media tabs. Now, the three tools which are an absolute necessity for your web designer to use while designing are Buffer, HootSuite and Tweetdeck.

These three tools enable you to connect with the necessary social media sites. Like with the help of Buffer, you can easily handle several social media sites all at the same time. The key factor with Buffer is that you are able to get access to all the major social sites.

TweetDeck is of course, the Twitter tool. This helps in scheduling tweets and customizing search options for latest tweets. This highly recommended for new business owners. This program comes in the HTML form and thus is compatible with most systems and devices.

HootSuite is the setup with Google+, which is a definite biggie you want to join hands with. You easily setup Google+ with your website or blog with the HootSuite. The Hootsuite provides you with analysis of how you are doing across various social media