16 Nov


After you have launched your website showcasing your product, you want your website to sustain online. Sustenance of any website depends totally on the performance of your website.
In today’s world it is all about speed. If you are not up to speed then you will simply fall at the back of the pack.

Now what do you exactly mean by website performance?
Performance of a website is all about how fast your website uploads, how easy it is to navigate and the features enable the viewer to get their information without any difficulty. How would you like it if you went online and clicked on the cache for a particular website and had to wait for “ages” in online terms for the website to upload?

That is why the performance is not just crucial; it is the most important feature of your website. No matter how well written the content maybe or the images or services provided for are top notch; nothing matters when the website is not performing properly and suffers from usage errors. Bad performance of your website reads simply as fewer users thus bad business and thus loss of face and money. The math is simple your site’s performance is directly proportionate to your revenue.

Remember the user is paying by the second. So if the user cannot connect with your website within a nano- seconds of entering the site name then what is the point of the user continuing to use the said website. Lesser the time for the user to upload the website and get the required features, better it is for the business, as that same user will come back to the website due to its performance online.

Little is it known that better the performance of your website lesser will be your costs and expenses incurred. And how is that possible? Well if your website’s performance is optimal, then amount of storage space and bandwidth which your host company provides is reduced and thus you pay a sum than what was agreed upon.

Did you know that search engines such as Google actually take into account the amount of time taken to upload your website? So the faster your website uploads, search engines will actually give it more preference and thus enhancing your website’s value. It is better to be on top of the search engine lists, viewers tend to give preference to those websites which come to their screen at the first go. Better to be seen then get lost in the online pack.

The current trend of users is to use their mobiles, tablets basically the devices they can use while on the move. So your website performance has to be mobile compatible. As the number of mobile users is increasing by the day making desktops quite obsolete, websites now must be made in a manner to satisfy the mobile user.

Hence your website’s success boils down to two main things: great performance and awesome features. Without these, it is a total online disaster.