16 Nov


Retail business and e-commerce are brothers in arms. The only difference being their platforms and reach. But the common thing about retailing and e-commerce is that it is a known fact that your sales will not take off the moment you start your website or store. You start your business or website by promoting yourself on various advertisement mediums whether it is on television, radio or simply by links on various sites. This may bring the traffic of customers to look into your website or come into your store. But does this mass public end up buying what is there on offer. The answer to that is yes and no. Yes, because, there will always be someone or the other who will buy but most of those who do come will simply browse, pick, look and leave. So what seems to be a lot of traffic, in reality is less sales. This however, is the common norm and an accepted fact that you will fail in respect selling your goods initially.

So is the situation that bad? Honestly no! The truth is that businesses start by keeping that margin. And the truth is that once you are online your platform is on a global scale. Literally so!. Trends show that at least an amount of 1 trillion dollars are spent by consumers. The accessibility of most online stores depends on the social media sites, links, blogs, search engine results and other advertising means. A visitor may click onto your site and may not initially choose the product but if there is something which catches their eyes, they will return back and may also bring someone else to visit your site. And imagine if a billion people visit your site and with the current study that at least 3% of such viewers will indeed buy your product, then just imagine the revenues you shall be gaining!

Browsers may be initial visitors and not necessarily will be buyers. But the trick is to use the same mind games used in retail business to get the attention of the buyers. So from simply “window shopping”, to actually making your customers buy things, requires a little tact and a little discretion. You need to touch a cord with the viewers when they visit your site.
And that reads in one word when meet your target: SCORE. With a secured cash/credit cache, clear and easy to navigate website, organized and detailed information with relevant content and connecting emotionally with the customer. You have to score with the customer to ensure your product and service is viewed and purchased.

It may seem all quite easy to say than to be done. That is where you need to keep an open mind and start a review of your product and website. You need to know where you are lacking and that can only be done if you have a feedback or comment box and probably a short questionnaire form for your customers to fill.